Savor the Pallars Sobirà

If you like to eat well and you come to Pallars Sobirà, you can not miss the most traditional dishes of the pallaresa gastronomy. Most dishes are based on a mountain diet with simple and seasonal products. For many years, Pallars Sobirà was an isolated region and this meant that its gastronomy had to restrict the food produced in the region.
One of the star products of the pallaresa gastronomy is meat and cheese. As the Pallars Sobirà has traditionally been a cattle region, many of the dishes include meat, mainly lamb, pork, foal and veal. Come to the restaurants of Pallars Sobirà and try the most traditional dishes. You will love it!
Turisme Pallars Sobira


Girella La girella is one of the star dishes of the Pallaresa cuisine. It is a very laborious sausage typical of the main festivals and that can now be found in the butcher shops and in many restaurants in the region. It is made with the stomach of the lamb, the roast, bacon, eggs, rice, bread crumbs, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. A mountain delight for the sweet tooth.


Tupí In general, cheeses are an essential food in Pallars houses, whether goat, sheep or cow. But without a doubt, one of the most typical cheeses is the tupí, made with sheep's milk and brandy. It is a cheese of unctuous texture, strong flavor and marked smell that will surely surprise the palate of cheese lovers.

Arròs amb carreretes

Arròs amb carreretes The rice with carreretes is the best-known rice dish of the pallaresa cuisine. The carreretes (called moixernons outside the Pallars) are seasonal mushrooms that give the dish a unique flavor, which mixed with the rest of the ingredients (beans, confit, onion and oil) make this simple recipe delicious.

Allioli de Codony

Allioli de Codony The quince aioli is a typical product of the Pallars mountain cuisine. Take advantage of the quince crop, one of the few fruits well adapted to cold mountain temperatures, typical of autumn. Most of the harvest is used to make the quince and what is left is used for this aioli.

Galetes de la Noguera Pallaresa

Galetes de la Noguera Pallaresa Las Galletas de la Noguera Pallaresa are made with products from the banks of the Noguera Pallaresa and Ribagorçana.
Delicious at any time, they can be the ideal complement for coffee or the extraordinary sweet pallareses liqueurs.